Variations and Interventions – [Introducing Section 8]

The type of labor that you experience may be considered normal and yet not progress exactly “by what is described.” Each woman’s labor is unique, and you need to be prepared for any situation that might arise. You may need to modify or adjust the techniques that you learned. Your caregiver may feel that additional measures are necessary. The following discussion of some possible variations and interventions should provide you with further tools and thus enhance your preparation.

Table Of Content
Variations and Interventions – [Introducing Section 8]
Fetal Presentation and Position
Cardinal Movements Of Labor & Labor Variations
Interventions During Labor
Induction and Augmentation & Active Management of Labor
Episiotomy & Rotation and Extraction
Emergency Childbirth
Gentle Birth
Unexpected Outcomes of Labor

If you end up experiencing a labor that varies from the norm or that requires some type of intervention, it does not mean that you have “failed.” Giving birth is not a performance, and the only real goal is a healthy baby. If you know that you did the best that you could, accept the fact that circumstances were out of your control. You can be grateful for the technology and the medical knowledge that made available the necessary procedures or interventions that assisted you in birthing your baby.

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