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or Conception and Myth-Conceptions

Pregnancy begins with conception (fertilization) and continues until the moment of birth. It is that special time in your life when your body envelops the growth of a new being. Everything you do, everything you eat, and even your emotions may have an effect on the development of that new life. It is therefore very important for you to be aware both of the actions that you can take to most benefit the development of your baby and of the detrimental factors that you should avoid. Understanding the normal course of pregnancy will aid you in acquiring this awareness.

Each woman’s pregnancy differs in some ways from every other woman’s. In fact, different pregnancies in the same woman usually vary. However, some aspects of pregnancy are common to all women. Certain physical and emotional changes, resulting in similar physical and emotional needs, are seen in every pregnant woman. These common factors are discussed in this section.

This chapter has presented many aspects of pregnancy to give you an idea of what you may experience during the next few months. Keep in mind, too, that pregnancy is a normal, natural condition, one of wellness, not illness. With a few exceptions, you should be able to continue the same daily activities and experience the same good health and lifestyle that you enjoyed prior to becoming pregnant.

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