Simple Tips for Packing for Trips With Your Kids

travelling with kidsAlong with your standard clothes, pajamas and toiletries, there are many items you can pack to make your travel experience a pleasant one.

Bathing suits

Even if you are traveling to a chilly climate, you never know when you will find a hotel with indoor swimming. Worst case, you can let them “swim” in the bathtub for fun.

Resealable zippered storage bags and plastic grocery bags

They are wonderful for packing wet bathing suits, storing soiled diapers until you can get to a trash can, etc.

First aid items

Keep handy, especially the bandages and antibiotic ointment, the “magic” healing properties of bandages can settle kids down quickly after a slight boo-boo.


Keeping bellies full help keep them happy! You never know when dinner will be delayed or if you will find a restaurant that caters to your picky eater’s appetite. I generally pack: in a cooler-carrot sticks, boiled eggs, mozzarella cheese sticks and juice boxes; in a snack bag- gummy fruit snacks, Cheerios, toaster pastries, potato chips and the big thriller: suckers!

Travel songs

They say music soothes the savage beast, well it helps the weary child traveler, too. I take along favorite sing- alongs and we all sing together. I have also considered getting walkman-style radios, so the girls can each listen to their own favorites.

Play items

These will vary with the interests of your children, but we pack: lots of books, coloring books, crayons, electronic toys, baby dolls and beanie babies.

Travel Television

This was a $300 investment, but worth every penny. Our model has a built in VCR with plugs for both the car and home. This has been helpful not only on the trips, but when we have visited relatives or hotels that have never even heard of Nickelodeon or the Cartoon Network.

Pillows and Blankets

Comfort is important and these items from home make the kids more relaxed both in the car and at your destination.


These are great for reading at night, exploring at night and also for emergencies.

Paper products

I never travel without a roll of toilet paper, paper towels and baby wipes tucked under the seat. Everyone thinks I’m silly until they “have to go” a gazillion miles from the next rest stop.

Often family members (Billy especially) tease me about the amount of “stuff” I pack. But you know, my kids are not bored, which makes the trip more enjoyable for everyone, so I take the ribbing and just smile! Happy traveling!!

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